CP and TCRC Agree to Enter into Binding Arbitration 

In a news release to CP customers from Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer John Brooks, it was announced that CP and TCRC – Train and Engine Negotiating Committee have reached agreement to enter into binding arbitration. 

Release Highlights:  

  • CP will immediately begin to execute a safe and structured start-up of its train operations in Canada. 
  • Effective immediately, CP has cancelled embargoes currently in place. 
  • CP’s 3,000 locomotive engineers, conductors, train and yard workers in Canada to return to work at noon local time on March 22, 2022. 
  • CP will work diligently with customers to safely restore normal service to their network as quickly as possible. 

Please visit CP’s website for more information.  

For additional information and assistance, please contact your local Delmar Representative.   

Not sure who to contact? Reply to this email and one of our specialists will assist you. 

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