CBSA Notice of Initiation of Investigations – Mattresses from China

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has issued a notice of initiation of investigations, which affects importers of mattresses from China. 

The CBSA initiated investigations on February 24, 2022, under the Special Import Measures Act, respecting the alleged injurious dumping and subsidizing of mattresses from China. The investigations follow a complaint filed by Restwell Mattress Co. Ltd. and the United Steelworkers of Canada. 

The subject goods are usually imported under the following tariff classification numbers: 

  • 9404.21.00.00 
  • 9404.29.00.00 

These tariff classification numbers may also include non-subject goods, and subject goods may also fall under additional tariff classification numbers. 

The product definition, as well as additional product information, are contained in Appendix 1 of the notice

The CBSA will investigate whether the imports are being dumped and/or subsidized and will make preliminary decisions within 90 days, at which time provisional duties may apply. 

Additional information about the investigations will be provided in a Statement of Reasons that will be accessible within 15 days. 

Officers’ Names and Contact Information: 

Serena Major: 343-553-2004 

Hugo Dumas: 343-553-2007 / 

Jacob Saulnier: 343-553-1412 / 


For additional information and assistance, please contact your local Delmar Representative.

Not sure who to contact? Reply to this email and one of our specialists will assist you. 

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