Port of Vancouver Update – Temporary Suspension of Transload Program 

Please note that due to a number of factors, including but not limited to those listed below, Delmar will be suspending its Transload Program with immediate effect. All containers will be converted to IPI points where possible. 

Factors Causing Suspension of Transload Program 

  • Cargo volume surges into British Columbia. 
  • Vessels destined to the Port of Vancouver are experiencing longer than usual wait times for docking windows. 
  • Local container drayage companies are waiting longer than normal timeframes to obtain port reservations. 
  • Extreme volume surges within the local warehousing market. 
  • Empty container depots are overwhelmed due to volumes exceeding capacity. 
  • Intermodal traffic has seen a significant surge in demand. 
  • A shortage of 53’ intermodal equipment has become a concern.  

Delmar will continue to work closely with container terminal operators, trucking companies, warehouses and railways to understand the impacts of these delays and to develop a recovery plan. 

For further information, please contact your local Delmar representative.  

Not sure who to contact? Simply reply to this email and one of our specialists will assist you. 

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