Port of Montreal Strike Updates

Thanks to the advocacy work of CIFFA and other business organizations and associations, the federal government is proceeding with enacting back-to-work legislation. 

On Sunday, the Government of Canada issued a Notice Paper indicating that it will introduce a bill, entitled “An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of operations at the Port of Montreal,” this morning. The notice identifies a process that will avoid some of the usual legislative steps to ensure a quick response to the labour situation. 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is calling for swift passage of the legislation. 

Montreal Gateway Terminals 

While MGT is confident in the efforts being made by the parties involved to arrive at a rapid conclusion, trucking services at Section 62 (Racine) and Section 72 (Cast) are suspended throughout the day today as a necessary precautionary measure. 

Contingency plans are being reviewed by all carriers, currently calling the Port of Montreal.  

Delmar will continue to monitor and provide regular updates and solutions as the events unfold.  

Should you have any questions related to this situation, please contact your customer service representative. 

Source : CIFFA 

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