Update – Port of Montreal Labour Negotiations

On Saturday evening, the union executive of the Port of Montreal Longshoremen issued a 72-hour notice of an indefinite strike to the Maritime Employers Association (MEA).

The planned pressure tactics, namely the stopping of overtime work, of docking activities, of training and of weekend work, are being presented as a response to the cessation of payment for the hours that are not worked.

This indefinite strike places the Montreal port industry in a precarious situation. This decision by the union will very quickly cause significant congestion and will have a major impact on the fluidity of the logistics chain, therefore undermining the economic recovery in Quebec and Canada.

The MEA is currently evaluating all of its options and are eager for a speedy settlement, remaining ready to continue negotiations as soon as summoned by the mediators.

For additional information, please contact your local Delmar Representative.

Source: Maritime Employers Association

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