Suez Canal is Set to Resume Operations

The Suez Canal is set to resume operations after the 20,388 teu Ever Given was re-floated.

While the vessel’s bow remained stuck on one side of the waterway yesterday morning, the high spring tide in the afternoon allowed salvors to re-float the entire ship and unblock the waterway after a week of closure.

According to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), the vessel will be towed to the Bitter Lakes area for technical inspections, opening up the waterway for the resumption of traffic.

However, shippers and forwarders on either side of the canal face weeks of potential supply chain disruption – according to Leth Agencies, there are 357 vessels of all types waiting to transit Suez, and estimates vary as to how long the backlog of vessels could take to clear.

According to reports THE Alliance had already rerouted 7 vessels via the Cape of Good Hope, while the Ocean Alliance rerouted 4, and 2M rerouted 15 ships.

The Suez Canal normally sees around 50 vessels transiting a day, although it is understood it has the capacity to handle double this number.

While original ETAs have been jeopardized, carriers are saying it is still too early to indicate what the accumulated delays may be.

In the meantime Delmar will continue to monitor the situation and work with all stakeholders in order to transport shipments to their final destination as quickly as events allow.

For additional information, please contact your local Delmar Representative.

Source: Loadstar

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