Renewing Your Safe Food For Canadians License

Select Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) license holders will need to act now to ensure they renew them before they expire. Some SFC licenses expire on January 15, 2021, while others will expire in the days and weeks that follow.

If you have an SFC license, it can be renewed online through your My CFIA account. Submit your request for renewal as soon as possible to allow sufficient processing time. You can do so up to 120 days prior to the expiry date of your license.

If your license expires, your business will no longer be permitted to conduct licensed activities in accordance with the Safe Food for Canadians Act and may be subject to enforcement actions and removal from export eligibility lists. Consequently, a new application will need to be submitted and you will be issued a new license number, which may further disrupt your business activities including the ability to request export certification.

Importing Organic Foods

Starting the week of January 18, 2021, the organic import and admissibility requirements for processed products will be incorporated into AIRS, in accordance with the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. This implementation will cover the remaining chapters for processed products, which are chapters 7, 8, 12, 21 and 22.

The importer/broker must confirm the possession of the certificate at the time of import in the Integrated Import Declaration (IID).

Starting 2022, importers of organic commodities for which the import requirements are included in AIRS, will be required to submit a digital copy of the organic product certificate when declaring organic products online using the IID.

For additional information, please contact your local Delmar Representative.

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