Ocean Shipping Update

Importers are facing an unprecedented combination of market conditions as they enter the last two months of 2020, ahead of the traditional pre-Chinese New Year peak shipping season.

With a continuing traffic boom following this year’s initial Covid-19 related slowdown, severe container equipment shortages, ongoing ocean capacity constraints, blank/cancelled sailings, vessel scheduling delays, port congestion, and increased vessel wait times & terminal dwell times, shippers should expect it to be an especially volatile and challenging season, and one which they need to be well prepared for.

Container availability in Asia has been extremely limited for several weeks now, and there are reports that equipment imbalance issues are now affecting India and Mediterranean origins as well, Italy, Spain and Turkey in particular.

In light of this, carriers have started implementing Equipment Imbalance Surcharges on these trade lanes which will ultimately be reflected as a stand-alone charge or rolled into base ocean freight rates.

Delmar will continue to work closely with all stakeholders in order to facilitate the shipping process, however, we wish to formally advise all Delmar clientele to notify their suppliers and associates that bookings should be placed at least two weeks prior to estimated departure on ocean freight shipments. 

Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local Delmar Representative.

Source: Drewry

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