CBSA Reporting Additional Systems Issues Impacting Cargo Release

Please note that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is currently experiencing a problem with the Warehouse Arrival Certification Message (WACM) (transmitted by the warehouse to certify the arrival of goods at the warehouse) which serves as one of the triggers to release transactions in the CBSA system.

At this time, the electronic WACM may not update paper cargo documents (Re-Manifests, Deconsolidations, Paper cargos) to ‘Arrived’ status. This occurs when the WACM has been submitted prior to the capture of a paper cargo document (e.g. SO166, SO224, SO323).

Delmar International closely monitors all CBSA systems issues and makes every effort to minimize additional costs or delays related to them. However, importers and related parties should be aware that such delays or costs may be unavoidable in some cases.

Please contact your local Delmar Representative for additional information and assistance.

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