PNW Service Schedule Update

On Monday, September 14th, 2020, there was a CN train derailment east of Hope, BC causing an additional day delay at Deltaport due to car supply disruption. Other main conditions causing accumulated delay remain similar- both PRR and VAN terminals have been experiencing congestion due to lack of CN car supply. 

Coupled with the delays in Asia resulting from weather/typhoons and summer cargo surges, the terminals are required to flexibly adjust their operation and vessel berth schedule, by basing decisions on daily CN car supply condition, as well as workable discharge volume. Currently, all PNW services are still experiencing longer than usual delay due to the above. Also of note, ONE COSMOS was also delayed due to typhoon swell causing collapse of containers aboard. This vessel must be further anchored, in-order to discharge the damaged boxes, which in turn resulted in more delay.

Vessel schedules are subject to further adjustments as current conditions remain dynamic as mentioned above.

For additional information, please contact your local Delmar Representative. 

Source: YANG MING  

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