East Coast Ports Congestion

Dear Customer, 
As per our previous notices, the Montreal port strike has generated a substantial slowdown of operations resulting in a negative impact on all steamship lines while impeding the various carrier’s ability to move cargo in a timely manner and maintain same level of service. 
This recent disruption forced many steamship lines to redirect vessels to Halifax, NS and Saint John, NB which resulted in a significant surge of inbound traffic to these ports. 
The surge in volumes caused a ripple effect from the port terminals to the rail network which resulted in volumes which exceeded terminal and rail capacities. 
This has hindered the various terminals ability to load containers on rail cars and therefore, increased the ground count. Units are not being loaded as per usual dwell time standards due to operational constraints. They anticipate the current situation to persist for weeks to come.
We strongly suggest to all our import customers to: 

  • Closely monitor containers on Delmar’s website 
  • Consider moving containers to final destination via truck instead of rail. This must be done prior to arrival at first port 
  • ERS (Expedited Rail Service) whenever possible, please check with our customer service team 

We understand the difficulties related to this situation, please note Delmar will continue to monitor daily the ports and rail situation. 
Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local Delmar Representative. 

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