CUSMA proof of origin requirements for shipments valued under $3,300.00

Under the new Canada / US / Mexico Free Trade Agreement (CUSMA) shipments valued under $3,300.00 CAD will no longer require a Certification of Origin to claim the preferential tariff treatment when being imported into Canada, provided the origin is declared as Canada, USA, or Mexico.

When Delmar has shipments that meet the above criteria, where we do not already hold a valid CUSMA Certification, we will be claiming the preferential CUSMA tariff treatment, unless otherwise instructed.

It is important to remember that even though the CBSA does not require the importer to have a Certification of Origin, the goods must still qualify for CUSMA under the applicable rule of origin and importers must be able to provide documentation upon request to prove this. Having a valid Certification of Origin covering all qualifying goods is still the best way to ensure compliance.

Please find here CBSA regulations pertaining to this new process.

For more information, please contact your local Delmar Representative.

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