CUSMA/USMCA Blanket “Certifications”

As the approaching July 1st, 2020 implementation of the Canada-US-Mexico free trade agreement (CUSMA, which goes by the acronym USMCA in the US), Canadian importers should be well advised that “blanket” NAFTA certificates of origin will no longer be valid when CUSMA/USMCA comes into effect.

Current indications include a no “phasing out” period. Instead, the NAFTA blanket certificates will cease to be valid upon implementation of the agreement and a CUSMA/USMCA “certification” will be required in order to take advantage of duty-free treatment.

As such, those clients that are presently availing themselves of the benefits of NAFTA certificates of origin should work with their US suppliers to obtain CUSMA/USMCA “certifications” to replace certificates of origin.

CUSMA/USMCA certifications can take many forms (an exporter could prepare their own certificate, for instance), as long as said certifications contain the minimal data elements required as set out under Annex 5A of the agreement.

Delmar is well situated to assist clients to ensure CUSMA/USMCA certification compliance. In line with current processes, CUSMA/USMCA blanket “certifications” for shipments entering the United States may be provided to Delmar via email at Please sendthe CUSMA/NAFTA blanket “certifications” for shipments entering Canada or Mexico by email to

Upon receipt, each CUSMA/USMCA certification will be reviewed, following the below steps:

  • Review certifications for accuracy and completeness.
  • Identify common errors and possible issues.
  • Provide feedback to clients if the certification is invalid or requires correction.
  • Load valid blanket certificates into our system for ease of access and ongoing maintenance.
  • Maintain on file for the specified period per Customs regulations.

Should you have any questions on the above matter, please contact your local Delmar International Representative or the email addresses noted above.

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