New Delmar Customs Webinar Series – Key Insights on Trade, Compliance, Duties & More

Join Delmar Customs Experts for an important webinar series (free!), covering several topics that any company doing business in Canada should master. Learn valuable pointers and get answers in real time.   

USMCA / CUSMA is Coming! Are You Ready?
Whatever you want to call it, this comprehensive North American trade agreement is on its way. Learn how this NAFTA replacement will affect your business. Session Dates: March 18 & 26 

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program will have major implications for Canadian Importers. Learn how CARM will modernize and streamline the management of your duties and taxes. Session Dates: March 10 & 24

Canada’s Single Window Initiative is Finally Here! Need a Refresher? 
The new SWI partial implementation date is scheduled for April 1, 2020. Failure to provide information via this CBSA mandated program could result in delays. Be prepared; don’t put your cargo at risk. Session Dates: February 27 & March 12 

A can’t miss, all-important series. Click here and sign up for any or all sessions now. Open to anyone.  

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