Canadian Customs Delays Mandatory Use of Single Window Initiative Until April 2020

The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) is delaying the mandatory use of Single Window Initiative (SWI) processing until April 1, 2020. Previously, the CBSA had indicated the use of SWI would be required for many imports beginning Fall 2019 when it expected to decommission some of its legacy cargo release options.

This delay is due to CBSA recently releasing its updated SWI Integrated Import Declaration (IID) ECCRD Addendum. The addendum provides functionality for the processing of co-regulated Participating Government Agency (PGA) imports. The additional time is provided for trade partners to integrate these changes into their systems and processes.

Legacy cargo release options ‘OGD PARS’ and ‘OGD RMD’ will continue to be available until April 2020. However, CBSA continues to encourage the trade to transition to SWI as quickly as possible.

SWI and IID continue to offer significant benefit for many importers in expediting imports – especially those with PGA oversight – such as the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Government agencies are increasingly prioritizing the processing of SWI IID release transactions over legacy options.

SWI represents a significant change for importers and service providers. New, additional data elements will need to be managed and maintained to ensure timely release processing. Applicable shipments will require release by both the PGA(s) and CBSA before entering Canada. Importers should ensure they are well prepared in advance.

Delmar is ready and can help! We are a certified SWI and ACE trade service partner in both Canada and the U.S. Clients receive detailed product reports to simplify SWI planning and adoption. For additional information and assistance, please visit our SWI Homepage or email our Canadian Customs Advisory Services team at

Additional Information:

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