Chittagong Port Update – July 19, 2019

Please be advised that severe weather has affected operations in and around the Port of Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Even though weather conditions have improved slightly, lower productivity caused by the heavy rainfall in the past several days has impacted feeder vessel berthing schedules, which in turn is impacting mother vessel connections at major transshipment hubs in the region.

Many incoming vessels have been forced to wait for days in queue at outer anchorage, resulting in equipment shortages on the export trade. Currently, there are 29 vessels waiting at anchorage.

Terminals at the port are at over capacity and are running out of space to store containers. The port is currently experiencing congestion.

Delmar is working diligently with ocean freight carriers and all concerned stakeholders to ensure delays are mitigated as much as possible. However, some delays can be expected until port congestion is alleviated, and terminal productivity, equipment availability, and feeder schedules return to normal.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local Delmar Representative.

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