U.S. Announces Extension of China Section 301 List 3 Entry Deadline

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced it will extend the entry deadline for Chinese Section 301 List 3 imports. They were previously required to enter the U.S. prior to June 1, 2019. To maintain the existing 10% Section 301 tariff rate, the new entry deadline announced by the USTR is June 15, 2019.

Applicable products that were exported from China prior to May 10, 2019 and enter the U.S. prior to June 15, 2019 will attract a 10% Section 301 tariff. Otherwise, a 25% Section 301 tariff will apply.

U.S. Customs has not yet completed required system programming for this change. It is instructing entry filers to delay or re-process applicable entry summary transactions once its Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) has been updated. Importers may also file refund claims with U.S. Customs as needed.

The USTR does not specify any further conditions or details around the announced extension, but states the extension was granted based on customs enforcement factors and transit times from Asia.

Please contact your local Delmar Representative or email our U.S. Customs Advisory Services Group for additional information and assistance.

Additional Information:

USTR Press Release

U.S. Customs Message

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