CBSA Updates Single Window Initiative (SWI) Roll-out Plan

Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA) has provided additional guidance to the trade community on the roll-out of its Single Window Initiative (SWI) and related Integrated Import Declaration (IID) transactions.

For shipments regulated under legacy Other Government Departments (OGD), CBSA previously indicated it would discontinue the use of legacy cargo release transmission options in favour of filers solely using SWI IID transmission, beginning April 1, 2019.

CBSA updated its guidance this week, stating it will continue to support existing OGD cargo release options until Fall 2019 (exact date to be confirmed), at which time it expects to decommission the legacy OGD cargo release options. Furthermore, IIDs will become the sole electronic release option at that time for some imports, subject to specific government agency import requirements (please see our previous trade bulletin below). CBSA stated that this additional time should be utilized prudently by all trade partners and importers to prepare for SWI, as further extensions are not expected after Fall 2019.

In addition, CBSA announced that beginning Summer 2019, in certain cases, it may begin to reject legacy release transactions that are not filed using IID. It is CBSA’s intent to both support and help drive the timely transition to its SWI/IID environment as quickly as possible beginning April 1, 2019. Moreover, Participating Government Agencies (PGA) working within the SWI environment, such as Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), are considering limiting their support for non-IID import transactions, which may impact the timely entry of cargo into Canada.

Traders should carefully note these important changes and the impact the SWI environment will have on import programs going forward. Both the amount of information and number of transactions subject to PGA involvement will increase substantially when SWI is fully implemented. Additional information, permits, licenses and documents may need to be continually managed to ensure the expedient customs release of cargo – in many cases where no similar requirement exists presently.

In turn, this will require additional resources by all vendors, importers and service providers to collect and manage the required data to ensure efficient entry procedures. Importers are specifically encouraged to confirm that they are ready as soon as possible to meet all current or pending SWI import requirements.

Delmar is ready! We are a certified SWI and ACE trade service partner in both Canada and the U.S. For additional information and assistance, please contact your local Delmar representative or our Canadian Customs Advisory Services Group at

Additional Information:

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