Canada’s Single Window Initiative Becomes Mandatory April 1, 2019

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), in partnership with Participating Government Agencies (PGA), including the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Transport Canada (TC) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), is mandating the use of its Single Window Initiative (SWI) effective April 1, 2019 for applicable import transactions. SWI is intended to simplify the import process and reduce the related paper burden between government agencies.

SWI allows for customs entry information, certificates, licences and additional PGA data to be collectively transmitted through a single interface by the customs broker or entry filer. CBSA can then quickly share information with the required government agency. In most cases, this information must be provided through CBSA’s single window prior to arrival for cargo to enter without delay. This model is aligned with the U.S. Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) single window functionality as envisioned by the bilateral Beyond the Border initiative.

Canadian importers should note some important changes as a result of the ongoing SWI implementation:

  1. Three PGAs have mandated the use of SWI as of April 1, 2019. They are the CFIA, NRCAN and TC. Six additional PGAs are expected to follow thereafter. A full list of participating PGAs, including required data elements, is available here. A list of SWI applicable imports, by HS code and PGA, is available below.
  2. Additional import or PGA data will be required under SWI. More data and documents will be required to be transmitted for each applicable SWI transaction or product prior to cargo entry into Canada. Missing or inaccurate data may cause entry delays.
  3. An Integrated Import Declaration (IID) will become the sole CBSA data transmission package available for SWI transactions – replacing current ‘EDI OGD PARS’ and ‘EDI OGD RMD’ transmission packages – which are scheduled to be decommissioned on April 1, 2019.
  4. Products may be co-regulated by multiple PGAs. Each PGA’s data requirements will need to be met to satisfy the release or import requirements under SWI.

Delmar International continues to work with the CBSA and various parties on this important program, while proactively engaging with its clients to meet SWI’s requirements. To avoid delays and maintain compliance, it is critical that information be provided by importers prior to the mandatory effective date.

We are ready! Delmar is a certified SWI and ACE trade service partner in both Canada and the U.S. Please contact your local Delmar representative or our Canadian Customs Advisory Services Group at for additional information and assistance.

Additional Information:

CBSA SWI Information

SWI-IID Regulated Imports

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