Canada West Coast Port Operational Update

Due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to, severe weather conditions in Asia, cargo volume surges into North America, and ongoing terminal improvement projects, import ocean freight containers destined for Canadian inland points that are transiting through each of the terminals at the Port of Vancouver have been experiencing longer than normal dwell times.

As a result, intermodal traffic delays are expected due to the current high ground counts, rail operational disruptions and overall reduced productivity. Oldest cargo which may be buried due to terminal congestion is less accessible for rail movement. Reports are indicating that longer dwell times at Vancouver port terminals are expected to continue for at least the next 3-4 weeks.

Current estimated dwell times at Canadian West Coast Ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert
Vancouver : 10-15 days 
Prince Rupert : 5-10 days

Delmar is continuing to coordinate with carriers, terminals and railway operators to expedite your cargo as quickly as possible.
It should be noted that Express Rail Service (ERS) helps to reduce the dwell time in Vancouver by expediting the loading of your container to rail. This service will also help avoid containers being buried in Vancouver while they await to be loaded to rail. ERS costs vary by carrier.

Should this service be required please submit your request to Delmar a minimum of 72 hours prior to vessel arrival in Vancouver in order to determine if the service is available and accepted based on carrier and terminal call of the submitted voyage.

Delmar also offers an Express Trucking Service which involves diverting a container to final destination Vancouver and re-working the cargo for road transport.

These options will avoid delays in Vancouver and help expedite cargo to final destination.

Should you wish to obtain further information please feel free to communicate with your local Delmar representative.

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