UPDATE: US Surtax Remission Order

As an update to our alert issued on October 15 Us Surtax Remission Order, please be advised that relief is being granted to all importers of the subject US steel and aluminum products through the use of remission order (OIC) 2018-1272. In addition to relief of the surtax, refunds can be sought on the surtax imposed on certain US origin goods since July 1. However, please be advised that relief is specific to product classifications and definitions. That is, relief and refunds will be granted to goods provided that they meet with the technical specifications and requirements as set out in the US Surtax Remission Order – not all classifications on the list will be eligible for relief.

Delmar will be reaching out to all of its clients who have been charged the US surtax to ensure that refund/relief mechanisms, where applicable, are used. We encourage you to work with your US suppliers and internal technical people to determine if your US-origin steel and aluminum imported goods are covered by the remission order.

Any questions or comments on this matter can be directed to Delmar’s North American Advisory team at advisoryservices@delmar.ca.

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