Exclusion Process for U.S. Section 301 – List 2 Published

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) recently published guidelines for importers and other parties seeking an exclusion from U.S. Section 301 duties that began August 23, 2018 (List 2) covering specific products of Chinese origin.

The deadline for submitting an exclusion request for products on List 2 is December 18, 2018. Any responses or comments to an exclusion request would be due with 14 days after the request is posted on-line. Similar to the previously announced Section 301 – List 1 exclusion process, all requests should be submitted in English, through the designated on-line portal (www.regulations.gov) and may include both public and business confidential versions.

Each product exclusion request can cover one specific product only with multiple exclusion requests allowed. If an exclusion is approved, it will be in effect for 12 months and considered retroactive to August 23rd, 2018. Section 301 duties paid previously may be recovered.

Complete information on submitting an exclusion request is available here.

Please contact your local Delmar International representative or our North American Customs Advisory Services Group at AdvisoryServices@delmarusa.com for additional information and assistance in submitting Section 301 exclusion requests.

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