Worsening Port Congestion in Chittagong

Source: JoC

Every year, during the April-to-October period, Chittagong Port experiences severe congestion, which causes a vessel backup at the outer anchorage lasting from several days to more than a week. At the moment the queue has reached 26 vessels, with vessels seeing berthing delays of up to 6-8 days.

The port yard is experiencing massive container congestion and is well over its designed capacity, slowing down the loading and unloading of containers from vessels.

Ongoing monsoon weather conditions are hampering operations inside the port and drastically affecting road conditions.

Because of the slow delivery of containers, the inland container depots (ICDs) are faced with a stockpile of containers. Trucks are waiting in line for up to a week to unload outbound cargo.

Delmar will continue to monitor the situation and handle ocean freight cargo movements as events allow, however due to continuing port congestion and off schedule feeder vessel sailings resulting in possible missed mother vessel connections, some delays may occur.

For additional information please contact your local Delmar representative.

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