Canada Confirms Retaliatory Tariffs against U.S. Section 232 Trade Action

In response to the U.S. imposing Section 232 duties on imports of steel and aluminum products from Canada, the Canadian government has now confirmed a set of retaliatory tariffs (surtax) against certain U.S. origin products. The tariffs target a wide range of U.S. products including both steel and aluminum along with various other items. A full and final list is now available here.

A few products have changed from the original list. Cast-iron grilles, refrigerator-freezers and pillows have been added as an example. Others have been removed; like steel and iron beer kegs and prepared mustard.

Canada also announced $2 billion in government measures and programs designed to support industries affected by the U.S. tariffs.

Affected products are now broken into three tables (Tables 1, 2 and 3). Products within Table 1 will attract 25% in additional tariffs or surtax, while those products within Tables 2 & 3 and will attract 10%.

The effective date remains July 1, 2018.

Officials have previously stated the additional duties will remain in place until the U.S. Section 232 trade action is removed against Canadian products.

Additional information will be provided as available.

Importers are encouraged to review their previous import transactions to determine the impact and scale of this action on their Canadian import program. Specifically, applicable products and their assigned Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) codes within the scope of this action should be reviewed carefully prior to the effective date of this action.

Please contact your local Delmar International representative or our North American Customs Advisory Services Group for additional information.

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