China Announces Retaliatory 25% Tariffs on U.S. Products

In response to the United States decision to implement a 25% tariff (duty) against some Chinese products, the Chinese State Council’s commission on tariffs and customs has announced a list of US – origin products that will be subject to an additional 25% duty effective July 6, 2018.

The list (List 1) provided by the Chinese government is available here. It covers US$34 billion of Chinese imports from the U.S representing 545 products. The initial Chinese list of applicable U.S. – origin products focuses largely on agricultural, meat and electric vehicle imports.

The Chinese State Council’s commission on tariffs and customs also announced a potential second US$16 billion list of 114 products facing additional duties. This list is subject to further review. This second list (List 2) covers medical, energy and chemical products and is available here.

The Chinese government has stated that this action is in direct response to the imposition of Section 301 tariffs by the U.S. government on Chinese imports.

Additional information will be provided when available.

Chinese importers and parties exporting to China are encouraged to review their previous transactions to determine the impact and scale of this action on their Chinese trade program. Specifically, applicable products and/or their assigned Harmonized Tariff System (HS) codes within the scope of this action should be reviewed carefully prior to the effective date of this action.

Please contact your local Delmar International representative for additional information and assistance.

Additional references:

Trade Article

Chinese State Council’s commission on tariffs and customs

Press Release

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