Canada-US Trade War – Consultation Period Ends June 15

Advisory alert

Further to our trade alert (see here) issued on June 1, the Canadian trade community and potentially impacted importers have until June 15 to submit comments to the Department of Finance. As outlined in the consultative notice comments should include the following information:

1.  Canadian company/industry association name, address, telephone number, and contact person.
2.  Relevant eight-digit tariff item(s) and description of the goods of particular interest.
3.  Reasons for the expressed support for, or concern with, the proposed countermeasures, including detailed information substantiating any expected beneficial or adverse impact.
4.  If concern is expressed with respect to the proposed countermeasures for one or more eight-digit tariff item(s), please provide views on ways to alleviate such concerns.
5.  Please identify if information provided in the submissions is commercially sensitive.

The Government’s intent is not to hurt Canadians but rather focus penalties on US exporters where the Government feels that alternative supply sources are available. If such is not the case or if you feel you will be negatively impacted by this retaliatory measure, please do not hesitate to contact Werner Kreissl (telephone (514) 636-8800 ext. 2365, for assistance and guidance in this matter.

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