United States Announces Section 301 Actions on Chinese Imports

Today, the United States (U.S.) announced it will implement Section 301 tariffs on specific technology imports from China totaling $50 billion in value. The official announcement is available here.

The U.S. stated this action, along with investment restrictions and continued litigation through the World Trade Organization (WTO), is being taken to protect domestic technology and intellectual property from certain discriminatory and burdensome trade practices by China.

By June 15, 2018, the U.S. will identify specific Chinese products that will be covered by this action. A 25% tariff will be imposed on those products shortly thereafter. No specific effective date for the tariffs has been provided at this time.

Importers are encouraged to review this action carefully along with the list of specific products covered by the action when made available. A list of potential products to be covered by any future Section 301 action was previously provided by the Office of The United States Trade Representative here.

Please contact your local Delmar International representative or our North American Customs Advisory Services Group for additional information.

Additional references:

U.S. Administration News Release

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