Attention Footwear Importers

The Canada Border Services Agency have issued a new Departmental Memorandum (D10-15-28) which outlines their administrative policy regarding the expression “footwear, covering the ankle”.

Moreover, as part of the CBSA’s 2017-2018 Audit Priorities, the Canada Border Services Agency has been auditing importers who take advantage of the “women’s footwear valued at $30 or more per pair” HS classifications. Since the classifications of footwear covering the ankle and those footwear valued at greater than $30 are mutually exclusive, this new D-memo will assist importers in ensuring that footwear covering the ankle is not mistakenly classified in the women’s footwear valued at $30 or more per pair category.

The new Departmental Memorandum can be found on the CBSA’s website at:

For additional information on this matter, please contact Werner Kreissl in Montreal at (514) 636-8800, extension 2365 ( or John-Paul Evans in Toronto at (905) 206-1166, extension 2300 (

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