Canadian Rail Service Continues to Suffer

Source: Chamber of Shipping; CIFFA

CN and CP rail services continue to struggle this winter causing a significant backlog of cargo throughout the supply chain and creating a heavy demand on anchorages throughout the west coast. 

All commodities and container movements are impacted, and fluidity of the gateway is challenged. 

CN is hopeful that an additional 130 short-term leased locomotives and a 400 qualified conductors to be hired and trained during the first quarter of this year will provide some relief.

The result of implementing shorter trains during the winter months and not having enough rail cars in their network is continuing to have a significant impact on port/ terminal productivity and fluidity, on both coasts, and is impacting cargo destined for inland points throughout the country.

Delmar will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure all shipments are delivered to their final destination in the most time efficient manner, however delays can be expected due to the abovementioned.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local Delmar representative.

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