Trucking Companies Plan Wait-Time Charges to Counter Congestion in Montreal

Source: CIFFA

Wait time, congestion and terminal dwell have been an ongoing issue this winter. For the last few months, but most severely in the last few weeks, above-average delays at all terminals on the Island of Montreal have been the norm. Weather has been a contributing factor, along with road repairs across the city.

Container cartage carriers are now planning to increase their charges to compensate for the waiting time in the terminals and the daily traffic congestion.

Some trucking companies have advised that as of March 1st they will start charging for waiting time in the terminal after one hour. Some are putting in place a congestion surcharge per container for each pickup or delivery.

In some cases, there has been a doubling of delivery charges or extra charges for container drops for local delivery, not seen before. Pre-pull surcharges are also being applied in some cases.

If truckers start applying additional surcharges, forwarders have indicated they have little choice but to recover costs by adding on to drayage charges.

Delmar will continue to monitor the situation and work closely with all stakeholders in an attempt to mitigate any such cost increases as much as possible, and to ensure all shipments are delivered to their final destination in the most time efficient manner.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local Delmar representative.

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