CETA Alert

CETA and EU registered exporters

The EU has a process, implemented since January 1, 2017, whereby exporters wishing to avail themselves of the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) tariff benefits as they relate to the origin of goods, are required to register and obtain a REX number on shipments valued at €6 000 and more. The EU has seen fit to apply this requirement on CETA goods as well. This has created some confusion for importers and exporters alike as such is not indicated in the CETA regulations.

As such, EU suppliers of CETA eligible goods exported to Canada, valued at €6 000 and more must apply for a REX number (form attached that should be sent to the respective national customs office) and include the customs-assigned REX number as part of their CETA origin declaration statement. In Canada, exporters can use their business number (BN), which is essentially their GST registration number.

To download the REX Application PDF form click here.

Inquiries relating to this or any other CETA-related matter can be directed to the attention of Werner Kreissl at kreisslw@delmar.ca

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  1. Jeremy Rhoads says:

    You can also download or find an already prepared form here https://www.pdffiller.com/.

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