CN Expects Montreal Intermodal Will Be Back to Normal Operations “in One Week”

Source: CIFFA

CN has issued a communique in order to clarify the situation about Taschereau gate in Montreal.

The message was issued in response to CIFFA and its members, who expressed concerns about delays and mounting costs to their operations.

CN released the following statement today:

“Montreal faced a major crane failure issue last week, where for almost 48 hours, CN had major mechanical issues with 5 mobile cranes. The issue lasted for almost 4 days, where in that period, all but 2 cranes were affected. The lack of workable crane lift capacity created an increase on our ground count, as well as impacted our carter turn time.

We took the following steps to improve the situation:

– As notified yesterday, CN is temporarily diverting empty containers to Ultra to help alleviate the ground count and improve fluidity inside the terminal. 

– As of Monday, all cranes are back in operation.

– We have deployed administrative staff in Montreal to increase manpower level and catch up on the backlog.

– We have added operators and staff from other terminals to assist the Montreal terminal. 

In the midterm, we are hiring 8 new people in Montreal. New cranes are ordered and will arrive in Q4. Chassis are ordered and will arrive in Q3.

CN expects that, with the above initiatives, Montreal Intermodal will be back to normal operations in 1 week. We will watch the situation closely and advise of further developments.”

For additional information please contact your local Delmar representative.

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