CETA Alert

All indications are pointing to a possible July 1, 2017 or even a June 1, 2017 implementation date for the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).  Importers can then avail themselves of duty free treatment – with some notable exceptions. Importers should be aware, unlike other free trade agreements that Canada has in place where a certificate of origin is required, that a properly formatted “origin declaration” will suffice.

Moreover, the CETA rules of origin will incorporate a “focused value” rule whereby only the value of specific, key non-originating components will be considered when making an origin determination of a finished product under the product-specific CETA rule of origin.  The “focused value” rule thereby differs from the RVC (regional value content) analysis that NAFTA importers may be familiar with.

For additional information on this matter, please contact Werner Kreissl in Montreal at (514) 636-8800, extension 2365 or John-Paul Evans in Toronto at (905) 206-1166, extension 2300. 

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