Delmar is pleased to announce E-Manifest certification

Date: October 27, 2016
Subject: Delmar is pleased to announce E-Manifest certification
CBSA has now confirmed that the new E-Manifest program will be implemented on November 7th, 2016. The new program introduces many changes to the existing commercial systems utilized to manage import cargo reporting activities by Carriers and licensed logistics providers.

Historically, logistics providers handling cargo movements to Canada were required to conform to the ACI advance cargo security regulations requiring reporting of bill of lading data 24 hours prior to cargo departure with final cargo manifesting processes completed with the CBSA at destination ports or airports. The new E-manifest program requires all the aforementioned processes to be completed prior to cargo departure.

While the new program bears no direct responsibility or liability for Canadian importers, the ability to execute these reporting activities efficiently especially on airfreight and LCL cargo will have a major impact on logistics providers and the manner in which they manage their network activities. It will pose considerable challenges on freight agents who do not control their own network of shipping activities and use “wholesale intermediaries” to offer consolidation services. In these instances the collaborative reporting efforts at origin become far more complex. Failure to satisfy these new regulations may will result in cargo being refused loading privileges or penalties.

Delmar has now completed development and testing in our DCMS proprietary cargo management system to ensure all our origin offices and network partners have direct access to the new CBSA platforms so our customers can be assured they’re will be no disruptions of normal service standards.

The traditional fees associated with ACI filings will be replaced with a new E-manifest Fee of manifest fee of $35.00 per bill of lading.

The E-Manifest program will be followed with the introduction of the ATD (Advanced Trade Data) program which carries similar responsibilities as the ISF program currently in effect in the USA. The ATD program will be an “Importers responsibility” and again Delmar has commenced work to insure that our customers’ needs will be fully satisfied and integrated through our proprietary DCMS system.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting your Delmar representative.

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