2016 Quebec Spring Thaw Load Restrictions

Date: February 15, 2016
Subject: 2016 Quebec Spring Thaw Load Restrictions
Source: Transport Ministry of Quebec

The Transport Ministry of Quebec is once again reminding heavy vehicle users and shippers that authorized load limits are reduced during the spring thaw period in order to take into account the weaker load bearing capacity of the road network.

The forecasted spring thaw period for Zone 1 is March 14-May 31; Zone 2 is March 21-May 20; and Zone 3 is March 28-May 27, 2016.

The starting and ending dates of the load restriction period may be adjusted by the Ministry depending on weather conditions.

The maximum cargo weight carried during the thaw period will be :

– 20’ dry container :
– 40’/ 40’HC/ 45’ dry container :
– 40’ reefer container :
48,000 lbs. maximum cargo weight
50,000 lbs. maximum cargo weight
48,000 lbs. maximum cargo weight

Click here to view complete details on the Transport Ministry of Quebec website.

Please contact your designated Delmar representative if container payloads are expected to be near, or may exceed, cargo weights stated above.


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