Brazil – Newly imposed wooden package material regulation

Date: February 08, 2016
Subject: Brazil – Newly imposed wooden package material regulation
Please be advised that the Brazil Ministry of Agriculture has imposed a new wooden package material regulation (through Normative Instruction Nº. 32 of 09/23/2015) effective February 1, 2016 (Bill of Lading issue date).

The new regulation requires cargo to/from Brazil, including freight remaining on board (FROB) and transshipment cargo, to include information about wooden packaging materials.

Should a container include wood packaging, shippers will be responsible to provide wood packaging information, as listed below, at the time of Shipping Instruction submission.

  • a. Treated and Certified; (Treated material and/or fumigated with certification);
  • b. Processed; (Processed material);
  • c. Not Treated and Not Certified (Non treated material and/or fumigated with certification).

For Shipping Instructions (SI) received without wood packing material information, it will be considered that the new regulation is “not applicable” to your shipment, subject to local authority inspection.

Additional information may also be obtained by contacting Delmar-Locksley Brazil:
info / Tel: 55 11 5081-7667


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  1. swimrosshyd says:

    Try watching this video on , or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Where did you get this information?

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