A Grand Family Celebrates In Grand Style | By Beryl Wajsman, Editor | The Suburban Newspaper

#Delmar50There are few Quebec companies in the private sector that have become global leaders in their fields. Rarer still, are people of accomplishment who worked hard for what they achieved, still give generously of their time and talent and treasure to the community, and have never forgotten where they came from. Such is the company that celebrated its 50th anniversary at a spectacular gala at Windsor Station last Saturday night, Delmar International. More importantly, such is the Cutler family that started it and whose second generation is at its helm today.
Delmar is the largest privately held freight forwarder in Canada. More than 500 guests were on hand for the glittering evening enjoying the entertainment of Sugar Sammy and the gourmet cuisine of Chef Antonio Park. They included Delmar representatives, partners and clients from across the globe. But they also included an impressive array of leaders from business, politics, media and community organizations who were testimony to the commitment of the Cutler family to this city and its citizens, including the most vulnerable among us. Their name may not be widely known, but their impact and influence for good has been widely felt.
Established in 1965 in Montreal, Delmar International has evolved into a global player and industry leader, offering customs brokerage, freight forwarding, distribution and supply chain logistics solutions to thousands of clients worldwide. The Delmar Group employs just over 1,000 people in 40 cities around the globe and has facilities at almost every major gateway in North America. Its world headquarters remains in Canada right here in Lachine.
Harrison Cutler began his career in the Canadian customs brokerage industry in the 1950s and started his own firm in Montreal, merging it in 1965 with Delmar Customs Brokers Ltd., a corporate name maintained through a series of acquisitions before it was changed to Delmar International Inc. in 1999. He retired as president in 2002, but remains as chairman. Prior to an eloquent and heartfelt address from his eldest son, Delmar president and CEO Robert H. Cutler, the audience was shown two videos. One documented the history of Delmar while the other featured a tribute from, among others, Mitch Garber, president of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. and Caesars Acquisition Co. and Chairman of the Board of the Cirque de Soleil. “Hy Cutler and Delmar are iconic in Montreal society,” said Garber, “much in the same way as the Molsons, Saputos and Bronfmans. The company does not bear their family name, but they are clearly one of the leading families in this city.”
Mathieu Darche, a former member of the Montreal Canadiens and now a senior executive with Delmar, served as emcee and introduced company Robert Cutler. Robert first and foremost thanked his dad and family patriarch Harrison Cutler, the founder of Delmar, as well as his brother Paul (vice-president) and senior vice-president and chief operating officer Mike Wagen, the latter the driving force that has made the Sports Celebrity Breakfast such a major charitable event.
“My father never gave up on me,” Robert stated, in sharing his rise to the top position. “I have an incredible support system. My dad was instrumental in making Delmar what it is today.  Paul is my brother, as well as my oldest and deepest friend. Mike Wagen is like family.” In speaking with Robert at length, I was struck by how his father’s story and struggles, and that of his immigrant grandparents, informed so much of his character and conscience. That strength of character and depth of conscience not only forged the unique personalities of this family, but were clearly the drivers of its remarkable success. And if this generation is any evidence, it will long continue.

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