Update on CTAO Truckers Strike in the Greater Toronto Area

Date: September 16, 2015
Subject: Update on CTAO Truckers Strike in the Greater Toronto Area
Talks between the CTAO and owners over the weekend did not provide a resolution. Work disruptions continue with CTAO workers blocking railhead terminals precluding normal operations.

Talks between the parties are scheduled to resume, however there are no indications as to how much longer this work stoppage may last.

Delmar has requested that CN and CP railways divert any cargo in their Toronto terminals to Montreal, and we are awaiting their confirmation of same. Delmar is also attempting to determine manners in which cargo carried by long haul carriers to destinations outside the GTA will be able to function during the work stoppage. Many of these carriers are affiliated with the same unions and their positions haven’t been made clear as of yet.

Delmar is also recommending that all containers being booked or already on the water and not yet arrived in Vancouver be diverted to Montreal immediately. Unless we are advised differently these are the contingency measures which will be followed over the course of the next several days.

As per our previous advisement, we have already taken the necessary steps to book/divert Toronto destined LCL consolidated containers to Montreal.

Delmar will keep customers advised of ongoing developments.

Please communicate with your local Delmar customer service representative for additional information.

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