Supply Chain Sustainability – Is your logistics partner eco-friendly?

The focus on “green” business practices is becoming increasingly important, especially for the supply chain. Seventy-two percent of US companies now sayiStock_000020380551Large that sustainability influences their purchasing decisions and is an important factor when they are selecting service provider, according to a survey by cloud computing firm Rackspace Hosting. The term “supply chain sustainability refers to a general perspective of supply chain processes and technologies that go beyond the focus of delivery, inventory and traditional views of cost. This emerging philosophy is based on the principle that socially responsible practices are not only good for the environment, but are important for long-term profitability tied to the benefits of energy and resource efficiencies, and creates a competitive advantage for companies worldwide.

Many providers have opened up to the idea that the relationship between sustainable supply chain practices and performance is indeed positive and significant – and that more often than not, it means a profitable supply chain.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect that your 3PL provider can provide in terms of sustainability, is cutting down the time and distance of your shipments thereby reducing the amount of carbon emissions. That being said, complete visibility is the name of the game. More visibility means increased accountability and efficiency. Efficiencies matter tremendously now, aside from energy and resource concerns, there are far more reform legislation and economic challenges than in the past. As a result, the top firms constantly work to improve their processes and operations that drive growth, boost margins, serve customers, and expand global reach.

There are several keys aspects to look for in order to ensure that you have selected a sustainable 3PL partner:

• Developing targets
The 3PL will create viable targets that will allow for operational efficiencies to be obtained- accountability is key.

• Integrating IT into the supply chain
As stated earlier, visibility is the name of the game. Many of the leading providers have implemented their own proprietary cloud software platforms that allow you to access more data so that you can easily assess whether the efficiency targets are being met.

• Compliance preparation and expertise
Customs compliance can be complicated and a hassle. Leading providers are masters of the global marketplace and are prepared to provide the correct information and requirements to meet the respective government’s standards to get your goods through without being stalled.

• Ethics
The 3PL provider follows practices that ensure the health and safety of their own employees and the communities that they effect.

At Delmar, sustainability is very important to us. We continuously ask ourselves: what are we doing differently from the past, and what is the long-term net effect of what we do on our environment? We see sustainability as both a responsibility and an opportunity to secure the future of our business, that of our partners and society as a whole.

Do you agree with these sustainable supply chain practices? We’d love to know your thoughts, leave your opinion on the blog! If you’re looking for a sustainable provider get in touch with us now at for general questions or concerns or at for more information on our rates. You can also call us by phone, toll free, at 1 888 4 DELMAR. Come visit us at and connect with us on our other social media platforms.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about ethical sourcing? can 3pl improve ethical purchasing practices? I am a student btw, im looking for answers for my homework.

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