Delmar and Starlight Children’s Foundation

Twitter-Image-Preview-TemplateThe Starlight Children’s Foundation Quebec has existed for 25 years and is part of an international non-profit organization. The organization focuses on helping and catering to the emotional well-being of sick children and their respective families. They help them cope with their pain, fear and sense of isolation through mediums of entertainment, education and specially conceived family activities. Their programs touch over 5,000 Quebec children each and every single month, of which 1,200 of them experience the magic of Starlight for the first time.

At Delmar, we believe strongly in giving back. In addition to funding, we also feel strongly that it is essential to give of oneself. For years we have done exactly that by encouraging our management, their families, our associates, employees and executives to support something they believe in.

As a result, we are proud to announce that we have started an ongoing relationship with the Starlight Children’s Foundation in the hopes of helping sick children. For our first event, we will be sponsoring and participating in the annual Starlight Ski-O-Thon on February 21-22, 2014. This event is organized and held in an effort to raise money to fund the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s wonderful programs in Quebec. In addition, we will be sponsoring more Starlight events in the near future. While all donations will be used to help children from coast to coast across Canada, our partnership will also be tied into the Strangers in the Night event in Montreal and the Gala in Toronto.

If you would like to know more about the upcoming event, check out or please feel free to communicate with us by email at:

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