Delmar adopts SugarCRM with RIVA integration

In 2013, Delmar chose Sugar as our preferred Customer Relationship Management system. So, what is Sugar?

Sugar is a flexible, easy to use, open source technology platform which allows Delmar to monitor workflows and sales activities at the click of a mouse. With Sugar, one can update contact information, create reports, open cases, enter leads, create opportunities, you name it! The look of each user’s interface is customizable and dashlets can be added or removed with ease. One of the goals of Sugar is to help Delmar increase our customer engagement, leading to an improved understanding of our clients’ needs, a better retention and closed account rate and in the end, higher revenue for our business. It also has the ability to create email templates and marketing campaigns and with solid social CRM capabilities, Sugar makes staying connected a breeze. Delmar couldn’t be happier with the choice and we encourage our staff to familiarize themselves with this super CRM.

To help get the most out of our new Customer Relationship Management system, Delmar has begun the use of Riva, a cloud-based integration platform that syncs Sugar with Outlook and other applications so that those who use our CRM can access and streamline their contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases and whatever other data is needed to stay on top of business.

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