Delmar Acquires Idée Logistique

Delmar International Inc is excited to announce the addition of Idée Logistique of Drummondville, Québec to its growing organization.

Idée Logisitique was founded in 1999 by René Roy and France Lauziere with the goal of offering Québec businesses innovative and affordable logistics solutions to meet every need whether it be transportation, warehousing, distribution or customs and compliance services. Delmar shares in this vision and is pleased that Mr. Roy and the staff of Idée Logistique have joined the global Delmar team of professionals worldwide, which will soon surpass a thousand individuals. Mr. Roy and his team will continue to be located in Drummondville to best serve Delmar’s local customer base.

This acquisition further strengthens Delmar’s presence in Québec and will allow the company not only to maintain its relevance in that region but also to build on it to ensure future success.

“This acquisition further strengthens Delmar’s relevance in Quebec and we must build on it to ensure our future success.” – Robert H. Cutler, CEO of the Delmar Group

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